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Flamingos, unicorns, sequins, whats not to love ?

Oh my i am in love !!

I am 31 Years of age and seeing the sparkly sequins and unicorns set me back to a fairy tale world. A world of fantasy and peace.

I try to pass on my love for the girly, sparkly, fantasy world to my daughter, but at the moment she is having none of it, yes she adores pink sparkly teddies which she never sleeps without. But she prefers a football. It really does not matter that she enjoys football rather than a fantasy world like me. It then give me an excuse to buy anything fantasy, sparkly related home and pass it off as my daughters. :)

Me and my husband started a family run business about a year ago, and wanted to give you our loyal customer a great shopping experience. Nowadays i always turn to the internet to do my shopping, because i can shop whenever i want to.

We currently found a supplier to supply us with on trend fashion. This is where Sugar Squad came in to play.

An awesome range of upto date stylish fashion for our little ones.

Since viewing the range of clothing, my daughter has picked out her personal favourites and now we pass them on to you (with great prices of course)

I think my daughter's love for clothing is awesome, for such a little person she has such a great eye for fashion. Here is the love of my life. Jasmine

.Changing With The Fashion Times Keep Up Trend!!


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